Simulation Engine : SDK

Part of the Foundation Pack

Studio’s Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that offers the possibility to users to exchange data, synchronize platforms and systems, interface algorithms and strategies, etc. with SCANeR studio simulation engine.

All our APIs are C based, depending of their aim these are also available for the following programming language: C, C++, C#, Simulink, LabView, Python, RTMaps.

Compatible environments:

  • Windows.
  • Linux.
  • MATLAB/Simulink R2016 R2019.
  • Visual Studio 2019.

Each API is dedicated to a specific area of the SCANeR simulation:

APIs Name Description
SCANeR API Included with The Foundation Pack.
Create your own feature to get access in real-time to all simulation data in reading and writing.
To go further, create your own supervisor to automate the simulation launch (batch simulations).
AFS API Included with the optional feature the Headlights Pack.
Pilot the vehicle headlights by interfacing your Adaptive Front light System to SCANeR studio, with scenario environment as input.
Scenario API Included with The Foundation Pack.
Modify or create SCANeR scenario file (make scenario’s parameters varying to study the influence of variations of one or several parameters in a system on the behaviour of all the system for the same situation).
VehicleDynamics API

Included with the optional feature CUSTOM VEHICLE DYNAMICS INTERFACE.

Create or interface your own vehicle model:

  • Build a plugin (DLL)
  • Or use the UDP or SISCI communication

Included with The Foundation Pack.

Externalize CALLAS components vehicle model such as the powertrain or the transmission.


Included with The Foundation Pack.

Open communication protocol to communicate between SCANeR studio and/or non SCANeR processes.

Visual Plugin API

Included with The Foundation Pack.

Add custom effect to the visual process.

Image Sharing API

Included with The Foundation Pack. with the optional feature Sensors.

Retrieve a stream from a camera sensor output.


Included with The Foundation Pack.

Build your own supervision application for simulation launch and analysis.

Motion API

Included with the Simulator Pack and the optional feature Motion.

Develop your own communication plugin to be interfaced your custom motion platform with our MotionHandler feature.

Or, develop your own motion cueing to be interfaced with our MOTIONHANDLER feature.

Sensor Python API Access the radar or camera sensors and vectors functions and thus to customize sensors outputs (Radar sensor Output and Camera sensor Output).
NightTest API Included with the Headlights Pack.
Manage night test configuration file.
UDP Protocols DRIVER

Included with The Foundation Pack.

Connect a custom-made cockpit to SCANeR studio DRIVER module.


Included with the optional feature REAL-TIME GATEWAY.

Externalize any SCANeR studio Network messages on UDP packets (ease the dialog with a Real-Time Platform).