SCANeR Samples Pack

A ready to use set of demonstrations of SCANeR features

The Samples Pack includes specific samples of SCANeR configuration, scenario and dependencies. Once loaded, the sample is click to run. In addition the samples manual explains exactly what happens during the scenario. It also explains how it was made, so you can quickly understand, and make changes to match your own application. The source code for API-based samples is included often using several of the programming languages.


A few examples of what is in the Samples Pack:

ADAS samples

Samples are used to show how to connect external ADAS algorithms to a SCANeR vehicle. The Samples Pack includes INTERFACING demos for automatic emergency braking (AEB), lake keeping assist (LKA) and active cruise control (ACC) to a SCANeR vehicle. Each interfacing example is available in C/C++Python and Simulink.

ADAS algorithms are very basic, and only here for demonstration purposes.

Headlights samples

Firstly Headlight samples show how to use Night Test manager and AFS features in SCANeR. Similarly, the first sample gets you started with the description of a matrix beam and associated glare prevention AFS. Therefore a more advanced pixel lighting sample shows a way to modify headlamps photometry in real time to simulate a pixel lighting feature.