Optional Features

The Physiological package gives access to the PHYSIO feature which is used to interact with electrophysiological devices. PHYSIO feature currently supports the following devices:

  • Biopac AcqKnowledge 4.0 (or higher) with Network Data Transfer option activated.
  • Ant devices with an ANT+ Dongle.

This package is useful for users who need to synchronize the device’s recording with SCANeR studio simulation data. Furthermore, using this package, users can also create SCANeR studio events reacting to physiological data.

Key features 
Main features
  • Convert dynamically data channels to SCANeR export channels
  • Mapping configuration file (data channel/SCANeR export channels)
  • Create SCANeR script reacting to physiological dat.
  • Record physiological Acknowledge output data channels, including processed channels, in a synchronized way with other SCANeR records
Included simulation modules 
  • SCANeR Record feature must be launched
Token management 
  • One instance of this software package enables the usage of one physiological device.


Note: If your hardware is not into the list, please do not hesitate to contact our service for further information (it may have been added recently). Otherwise, the customer services in AVSimulation can offer additional services to interface a specific motion platform.