Atlatec is providing image-based mapping services to tackle the challenge of representing the dynamic of real roads in ADAS simulation. Our mapping technology enables easy customization to suit individual needs and purposes, and our data is made accessible in a wide range of formats. In partnership with AVSimulation, we are set to provide better data for the tools customers already prefer and use.

Placing high data accessibility and easy customization at the forefront of its mission, atlatec is building HD maps with different sets of formats and features all around the globe. By supporting tools supplied by AVSimulation, we aim to provide better data for the tools customers already prefer and use. For us at atlatec, this partnership is a significant step towards helping to bring the dynamics of the real world into the virtual realm.

To translate the randomness of the road environment into virtual testing spaces, atlatec is relying on a camera-based capturing device as well as a proprietary sensor data processing and annotation pipeline to scan actual roads and build high-fidelity HD maps and 3D models.

Collecting data in realistic driving conditions, however, comes with a number of challenges. Using human-guided AI, we translate sensor data into a geo-referenced 3D representation and achieve a high degree of consistency in reconstructing road objects in a virtual environment. This technology allows for large-scale mapping to be done in an efficient, cost-effective way.

The vectorized representations are then used to build 3D models for ADAS simulations that can be run exactly on your test routes which also enables the use of map data as ground truth in real world testing.