Training Simulators Pack

Discover all the features of our Training Simulators Pack

The Training Simulators Pack is specially designed for those who wish to build training simulators using software already widely used in the industry and recognized for the accuracy of its models and scenarios.

While it is arguably possible to create a training simulator from a game engine, the driver’s experience is unlikely to be representative of what they will experience in real life. SCANeR, the driving simulation software that is at the heart of the Training Simulators Pack, is used by more than 250 car manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, SCANeR is an “all in one” software, ready to use off the shelf. Within a single environment, you can design driving situations and can therefore devote yourself fully to teaching.

The Training Simulators Pack is structured around two components that correspond to the two phases of this type of project :

  • Development tools: Typically, developers will use a Foundation Pack with, if applicable, one or two additional Packs. For example, if the training simulator has a motion system, the Simulators Pack must be included. In order to save time, it is possible to integrate a ready-to-use 3D environment such as Europe2. Finally, note that if the training simulator has only a screen, a steering wheel and a pedal, the Foundation Pack is sufficient. In addition to the development of the scenarios, the team of developers will have to design the tools for managing student paths, grading etc. These are specific to each training simulator project and are not covered by the Training Simulators Pack.


  • Runtimes: The simulators that will be deployed do not need to run the SCANeR development environment. They simply have to run the selected scenarios and return information on the students’ performance. The learning simulators are equipped with a Runtime version of SCANeR. The latter only executes scenarios and indicates whether or not the driver has passed the test successfully. This drastically reduces costs and greatly facilitates maintenance because users aren’t burdened by editing or modification. From a driving simulator maintenance point of view, you will always be able to enrich the scenarios initially distributed with new ones. From the point of view of the Runtime, this does not change anything.

From the point of view of the business model, the operational mode is simple: the Packs for the developer are purchased and maintained in a conventional manner. However, SCANeR training is mandatory and we strongly recommend the purchase of technical support days which are to be used in the year following the developer training. The number of days depends on the project and is discussed with our sales engineers. In fact, experience shows that the support needs are specific to this type of project. For example, they concern not only SCANeR but also its interfacing with other content management software.

Runtimes are purchased in batches of at least 10 and have no associated maintenance. Their cost is a percentage of the cost of development licenses that is adjusted according to the number of Runtimes purchased.



Driving simulator design

The aim is to design a simulator. In training, observation of different driver reactions in the same environment is used to create specific environments for driving simulators.

Design of driving simulators for certification
Driving certification to use a vehicle in specific environments (airports, military zones, mines, etc.)

Road safety
Raising awareness among the general public, safely driving in extreme conditions(emergency braking, skidding, snow, ice, aquaplaning, etc.).

Professional driver training
Training using specific scenarios before moving into practice.

Law enforcement training
Pursuit, group policy development etc. SCANeR’s native co-simulation capabilities make it possible to involve several drivers.

Simulator demonstration
At trade fairs or onsite, help to educate the general public about new driving experiences and collect feedback. The software and the simulator must be robust and easy to operate. The scenarios should make it possible to compare driving experiences.

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