Providing you support and maintenance for your daily use of SCANeR studio.

If you are one of our clients, here is the place to connect with your log in to access our support platform to make the most of our driving simulation solutions.

The support team proposes to its customers / partners 3 ways to open requests :

Our ticket interface

This is the best way ! Through this interface you can describe your request and its level of severity and priority and the support team will treat it in accordance with the maintenance or partnership contract.

Note that we will change to JIRA Service Desk during the first quarter of 2020, we will inform you as soon as the service is started.

The email

This is not the best way to contact the support team since there isn’t any information on the level of severity and priority of your ticket. The support team treats emails with minor severity level, as a consequence you could get an answer after few days, depending of the charge of the support team.

Note that through the migration to JIRA Service Desk the emails will directly create a ticket but they will still be treated with a minor severity, at least until you change its severity.

  • A phone call to +331 46 94 93 50.

This way is to be used only for urgent requests or when you want to escalate a ticket.

Note that the support team can also call you to get more information on a ticket.

As a conclusion, the best way to deliver to you the support that you are awaiting from AVSimulation is to open your requests through our ticket interface and we encourage you strongly not to use emails.

New customers will be invited to create a new account on our ticket interface.

Requests sent per emails are treated with a minor severity, that means that support team may take up to a week to acknowledge or answer.

Requests per phone will be translated into tickets into our ticket interface. Please note that phone requests should be used preferably in case of emergency.