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AVSimulation is pleased to announce M-City 3D Environment for SCANeR™studio.

Driving side Right End Traffic by default.
Using the SCANeR™studio mirror functionality this database could be Left Hand Traffic: Change traffic side
Length > 3900 ft of roads.
RoadXML Version 2.4.0 (compatible with SCANeR™studio 1.6 and newer)
3D objects library North American Signs > 150 objects.
Specific features + Various road surfaces (concrete, asphalt, brick, dirt)
+ 2 areas (250ft diameter): dedicated to interactive vehicle use only).
+ Variety of curve radii, ramps
+ Two, three, and four-lane roads
+ Round-about and “tunnels”
+ Sculpted dirt and grassy areas
+ Variety of signage and traffic control devices
+ Fixed street variable lighting
+ Cross walks, lane deliminator, curb cuts, bike lanes, grade crossings
+ Hydrants, sidewalks, etc.
+ All objects (building, traffic signs and lights) are interchangeable.