Optional Features

The Head Tracker package gives access to the HEADTRACKER feature.

The aim of the HEADTRACKER feature is to interface with position tracking devices that can be used, for example, to position the view point used by the VISUAL feature depending on the driver’s real head position/orientation.


Key features 
Main features
  • Interface with Head Tracking hardware
Included simulation modules 
Supported hardware
  • Polhemus
  • Intersense Initial Cube 2
  • LaserBird
  • Art
  • EMagin Z800
  • TrackIR
  • Oculus
  • OptiTrack (devices compatible with NatNet 3.0 SDK)

Note: If your hardware is not into the list, please do not hesitate to contact our service for further information (it may have been added recently following an evolution). Otherwise, it is always possible to ask to AVSimulation for a service or, using the Studio SDK, interface and synchronize any external device.