Europe 2.0 has been designed to fulfil scene density requirements whilst allowing for the ability to create effective scene control by taking advantage of the new tile management system in SCANeR studio. With its large size and terrain diversity, Europe 2.0 offers many opportunities.
With Europe 2.0 you will be able to conduct a wide range of experiments (development of ADAS, research by managing events, etc.), testing short and long drives with dense or sparse traffic on: highways, motorways, mountains (snow, curve and banking), urban roads, rest areas, and much more.


Europe 2.0 is a wide network, which benefits from SCANeR studio’s new tile management system. Using the tile management method means that other new road networks can be built easily, which adds great value to future work, plus the ability to add new road layouts and training features quickly.
Furthermore, using the latest SCANeR studio TERRAIN mode functionalities, it is now possible to replace Europe 2.0 3D Objects automatically. This is a major new feature to produce and share new databases between your companies all over the world.

The network has basic night time compatibility, with some windows, advertising and road signs being lit.

Driving side
  • Right Hand Traffic by default.
    Using the SCANeR studio mirror functionality this network can be set Left Hand Traffic.
  • 198 km of roads
RoadXML Version
  • 2.4.1 (compatible with SCANeR studio 1.6 and later)
Specific features + Dynamic 3D objects (easy to change traffic signs for new country localization).
+ Circular highway of more than 20km
+ 18km of Mountains with 800 meters of elevation
+ Varied landscape with urban area, snowy village, countryside, highways, motorways, roundabouts
+ Parking areas
+ Tunnels
+ Bridges
+ Interchanges
+ Tile connection
+ Road curves and banking
+ Snow area
+ Several rolling surfaces (cobblestone, asphalt, etc.)
+ Pedestrian crossing
+ Bus and bicycle, lanes
+ Rest areas
+ Toll gates
+ European vegetation: trees, hedges, farmland, forests, etc
+ 100 km (including 20km of circular highway and 10km in urban areas)
+ Realistic 3D objects (Trees, tunnels, bridges, toll gates, buildings, parking areas, etc.)
+ Right or Left hand traffic
+ High quality graphics



Change localization to have traffic signs from other countries (France, USA, Germany, etc.)
Varied landscapes: urban area, snowy village, countryside, highways and motorways.
Various traffic lanes types: bus, bicycles, car, etc.
Tiles system which allows you to quickly build new road networks from existing ones


Tiles used are autonomous networks; they are positioned, and connected to achieve a larger network​. Each tile has a 3D Background and a SOL surface.


Change localization

The purpose of the change localization feature is to allow users to share one network between different countries by automatically replacing the traffic signs within different object libraries (France, USA, China, Japan, Canada, India, etc.). Using this method with the tile system of Europe 2.0, one tile can be used for multiple different networks to create different countries.

Change traffic side

The purpose of the change traffic side feature is to automate the switch of a network between Right Hand Traffic and/or Left Hand Traffic. This option switches the Left-Hand/Right-Hand value and will mirror all the tracks along the Y-axis.


We propose several evolutions of Europe 2.0.