Part of Foundation Pack

The DRIVER module included in the SCANeR studio Essential package controls the main interface between the software and the actual cockpit.
This interface is bi-directional:

  • Acquisition of the actions of the driver on the cockpit (steering wheel, pedals, buttons …),
  • Computing of the feedbacks to render to the driver (e.g.: torque in the steering wheel, light signals).

Three driving modes are available:

  • Human Driver: for driver in the loop simulation (real driver).
  • Virtual Driver: for vehicle development, setup and engineering, it is a virtual driver with open or closed loop commands control (lateral and/or longitudinal).
  • Traffic Driver (optional module Traffic and Pedestrian required): controls the vehicle using the Traffic module.

Several drivers may be used in the same simulation session (for each additional driver into the loop, one Driver optional module is required).

GUI are available to monitor and configure driving parameters:

Technical data
Main features :
  • Real time and offline support
  • Autonomous driving / Shared driving
  • The SCANeR studio Essential package allows to run the Human driver plugin on one PC
  • One instance of this software package is needed for each additional computer running a Human driver plugin
Included simulation modules 
  • DriverHandler
  • Human driver plugin
  • Virtual driver plugin
Human Driver
Supported protocols 
  • DirectX (game controllers or keyboards)
  • Generic UDP (sample and SDK provided) and VEN to connect a cockpit
  • Requires the additional the Force Feedback Feature for Sensodrive steering wheels and pedals
Virtual Driver
Lateral control
  • Fixed steering wheel angle
  • User defined steering wheel angle
  • Straight line or circle following
  • User defined trajectory following
Longitidunal control
  • Follow a speed target or pedal position
  • Speed profile
  • Manual, automatic or sequential gearboxes available
Traffic Driver
For Traffic Driver please see TRAFFIC module technical data.