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We are proud to support the SystemX Institute with our SCANeR™ simulation platform  to make the SVR project (Scenarios for Autonomous Robot and Shuttle Vehicle) a success in its assessment of  autonomous shuttles and robot-taxis’ operational safety.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Build a comprehensive database of test scenarios for autonomous shuttles and robot-taxi systems. These scenarios can result from situations created in the design phase of the system, feedbacks from experiences or extracts from existing or under development databases (incident databases)
  • Define a structured approach based on the list of use cases covered by the simulation (and according to success criteria) in order to identify a reliable Use Perimeter.
  • Demonstrate the feasibility by delivering a Proof of Concept on a simulation platform (SCANeR™), including sensor models, an autonomous shuttle model and markings functions or checkpoint.

Our SCANeR™ platform makes it possible to create all the components and scenarios needed for the simulations in all the chosen conditions of use (rain, fog, night, sunset …).

The aim is generalizing the methodologies developed in the SVA project (Simulation for Autonomous Vehicle safety), mainly the construction of a library of scenarios and the realization of digital tests.

For further details, the press release of SystemX is on this link and if you want more details about SCANeR, click here.