Optional Features

The Autonomous Driving package adds the Autonomous Driving feature to the DRIVER feature. This feature allows users to simulate a generic autonomous driving system (longitudinal and/or lateral control) and model transitions between manual and autonomous mode.

Additional scripting functions come with SCANeR studio MICE scripting language to allow the user to define its own transitions rules (e.g. simulate AD zone availability, Take Over request, driver commands override, etc.).

This feature is appropriate for users who wish to study human factors on autonomous driving without integrating more complex AD models in the loop. These functions only work in conjunction with the DRIVER feature.

Key features
Main features
  • Autonomous Vehicle model based on Traffic driver
  • Lateral and/or Longitudinal control
  • AD mode availability controlled by Scenario
  • Configurable transitions between manual and autonomous mode
  • The steering wheel can turn or not in Autonomous mode
  • Its actual angle is sent of not to the vehicle dynamics model in Autonomous mode
  • AD mode activation through:
    – Data acquisition (cockpit buttons…)
    – ControlPad feature