A86 & N118

Some of the most famous and used French national roads

The N118 and A86 roads networks have been designed and created to reproduce two of the most famous and used French national roads. Benefiting of AVSimulation expertise, the roads networks have high precision in term of curves, slopes, banking, signs, markings, etc. The 3D background has been optimized for a 60Hz rendering and offers a high graphic quality. Advanced materials are integrated to take advantages of SCANeR studio’s advanced rendering capabilities.

With their variety of traffic lanes, several motorway interchanges and the traffic signs, these roads networks are a realistic environment which will allow you to carry out all your tests, especially on fast lanes (target detection for example). To develop these roads networks, a real LIDAR acquisition has been used which allows to simulate very faithfully the N 118 and A86, whether it is at the level of the markings on the ground but also at the level of the environment (gas station, information signs, etc.)

N 118 view from SCANeR 

N 118 

A86 / N 118 Google Interchange


N 118 & A86 Overview

13,5 km of roads Geo-referenced
Right hand traffic Respect of altimetry
High quality graphic Realistic 3D objects (Gas stations, trees, bridges, tunnels…)
Driving side Right Hand Traffic by default. Using the SCANeR studio mirror functionality this networks could be Left Hand Traffic: Change traffic side
Specific features

+ Respect of altimetry
+ Dynamic 3D objects (easy to change traffic signs for new country localization).
+ Gas station
+ Interchanges.
+ Tiles connection.
+ Road curves and banking.
+ Several rolling surfaces (cobblestone, asphalt, etc.).